Welcome to BelbinMania

BelbinMania is a family history and genealogy website aimed at family historians researching their BELBIN ancestors and the many variant names, especially that of BELBEN, which until the early 18th century was interchangeable, rather than the separate name it has become.

The site contains two distinct elements. We have a selection of pages containing extensive record extracts of UK births, marriages and deaths; ideas on the origin of the BELBIN name; articles and gossip about anyone or anywhere past or present carrying the name and an interactive photo gallery of assorted BELBIN images from across the decades.

In addition, there is a BelbinMania Family Trees database which includes several BELBIN family trees with copies of associated photographs and documents linked to individuals in those trees.

Please note, the Family Trees database is currently undergoing maintenance and is not currently available.

BelbinMania is not a commercial site.  It is an ongoing personal project and as such, development is often slow. The intention is for all published information and data to be relied upon as being accurate but inevitably errors will unfortunately creep in, so please feel free to get in touch if you spot anything which looks wrong or out of place. 

I have more data offline than is currently online. My interest in the name is such that I am happy to discuss and share research about any BELBIN family, whether it is from the UK or overseas. My accumulated research, which lies partially sorted in my office at home in England, may contain information you are looking for. You, on the other hand may have information, documents, old photographs, etc. that I would be very keen to see and perhaps publish here.

if you do wish to make any contribution such as providing some ideas as to the origin of the name, passing on some BELBIN family gossip or photographs, repeating family lore or submitting details of your BELBIN connections, then please get in touch with me, TERRY BELBIN, as I will be pleased to hear from anyone if they can help improve and expand on knowledge of our BELBIN family ancestry.

Let’s see if we can help each other.  I hope you enjoy BelbinMania.

Terry Belbin
Essex, England.

BELBIN Coat of Arms c.1203

The Belbin One-Name Study

The BELBIN surname is one of some 8,200 study surnames registered with The Guild of One-Name Studies, a London based charitable organisation dedicated to promoting the public understanding of one-name studies and the preservation and accessibility of the resultant information.

The BELBIN One-Name Study registered under membership No. 2,417 is a project researching facts about the surname and all the people who have held it, as opposed to a particular pedigree or descendancy and I am collecting data from anyone and anywhere in order to be able to publish this information for the benefit of not only people who are currently interested in the name, but also with the aim of trying to preserve it for future generations.

It is a huge project in spite of the fact that the BELBIN surname is a rare one and anyone who wishes to assist with it by contributing information about the Belbins can contact me via e-mail or via the Guild website. The following variants of the name are all of interest:

























Belbin Websites

The internet is full of BELBIN websites these days. Below are links to some sites which relate to BELBIN genealogy and to others belonging to family members which may be of interest. Of particular note is the excellent BELBINS & MATTHEWS website of BRENDA BELBIN showing the descendants of William BELLMAN (Belbin) who was born c.1750 in Newfoundland.

If you find other interesting BELBIN websites please do send details.

The Leslie Gamelin Family Home Page

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Rebecca Dowdell and William Belbin

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Finally, before you go on to explore the site there are some people who should be recognised for their generous and helpful contributions in unwittingly persuading me to create it way back in 1998.

My special BelbinManiac awards go to:

The late PAT BAINES who did most of the legwork for the RECORDS pages

The late REG WRIGHT who provided chapters from his book THE YOUNGS OF ROKEBY

ANGELA BELBIN-WOOD who delved into the life and times of QUEEN MARIE OF ROMANIA


ED BELBIN who provided the name of the site when he declared that he suffered from BelbinMania!

And lastly, my brother, ROBERT BELBIN at Dorset Photographic who undertook a complete rebuild of this website using the latest web design software thus giving me renewed impetus to continue with the project.